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Ryan Zuchero on a buddy trip

In 2016, Ryan Zuchero from California was looking for answers to the biggest problem in his life. 




Then he found ChippingPro. This is his story,

Hi, I’m Ryan Zuchero. I’m a normal golf loving guy from California. I play with my Dad, buddies and love the game.


Last year I had a problem. I’m an ok golfer, and have a good swing from my baseball days, so I hit a long ball and get close to the green. But around the greens I stank. I was awful. And the more I tried, the worse it got.


I tried everything, new wedges, watching how to videos, practice, practice and more practice, but standing over a simple chip from 5 yards off the green, I didn’t know if I would chunk it 2 yards, blade it across the other side or get lucky and hit in on the green.


As my long game and putting were ok, I shot low 80s, but try as I might, I couldn’t break 80. I kept trying, worked on everything, bought a new driver, irons and went for lessons, but I still couldn’t break through that barrier.


My Coach Tom Hudach from InGolfEd suggested I try the ChippingPro, a training aid he’d seen online and had used with a few students. He loved it, and suggested I get one, so I bought one. 


Immediately I loved it too. It was so simple, and the action it gave you felt so good. There was nothing complicated, I just chipped the ball off it, missing the block and knocking down the flap. The ball went up nicely, like you see on the PGA Tour, and I found I could control it by changing my set up and ball position very easily. I bought one that night.


Since then, my golf game has been transformed. My chipping is no longer a problem for me. I have a chip, I chip it on to the green, normally pretty close. I don’t think I have chunked or bladed it since I bought it. My scores have broken through the 80 barrier, and now I’m shooting 76 regularly (or was before I had my first baby boy in January).


The biggest change though is what being able to chip with confidence has done for my whole game. No longer am I stressed on the course, and I don’t get as angry. I can miss a green now without knowing it’s costing me 1 or 2 shots. Now I walk up there thinking I can chip it, and there is nothing to worry about. I know it sounds like an infomercial, but this is just how it has been for me, and now my Dad too as I got him one for his birthday.


If you have the same problems that I had, the inability to hit simple chip shots, scores that don’t match your swing or the worry when you stand over a chip, I would buy a ChippingPro today. It only cost me $40, but it’s made way more difference than anything else I’ve tried.


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