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How to Chip better with ChippingPro

Chipping Pro will teach you how to chip without any lessons or instruction. It is a simple, easy to use chipping training aid that gives you instant feedback. All our feedback and studies show that improvement is near immediate, and within hour you will have the confidence and chipping technique to succeed.


You have made a successful chip with ChippingPro when you


  1. Miss the obstruction block to the rear

  2. Hit the ball in the hitting zone

  3. Depress the indicator flap in front of the ball


Play the videos to find out more. It's so easy, you can even do it with an upside down club.


Technique Improvement

If you 

  • Hit the obstruction block on the backswing

  • Hit the obstruction block on the downswing

  • Miss the Indicator Flap on the Follow Through

Try again until you get the perfect chipping swing. 

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