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Common Chipping Faults

There are 2 main chipping faults, both of which can be cured by ChippingPro

Problem 1 - "The Scoop" which leads to the Dunch or Blade

If you chip with a long back swing, and have inconsistent dunches and thins, then it is likely you are a "scooper". Sometimes you chip well, but you have no idea why, and some days it is so bad you want to quit. The reason for this is that you are doing it wrong, and are using your wrist rather than the loft of the club to hit the ball in the air.

Chipping Pro will teach you how to chip properly, using the loft of the club face. This is more consistent, as the leading edge of the clubhead is under the equator of the golf ball for a lot longer, meaning that if it contacts the ball, you will still get an ok strike. The margin for error with a scoop is zero. It can work, sometimes, but under any sort of pressure or unusual conditions, it does not, and you dunch or blade like someone who's never played the game before.

Problem 2 - "The Push" which leads to a weak contact and no accuracy

Pushing is a very risk averse chipping method, normally developed after years of "scooping". It will remove the dunch and the blade, and therefore removes the embarrassment that goes with it, but it does not solve the problem of your chipping.

The solution is to learn how to chip with Chipping Pro. Then you will not be laughed at and lower your scores too, as you let the club do the work and hit beautiful, effortless chips, like you see on TV. 

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