Chipping Practice Games


If you are practising your chipping with ChippingPro, here are some ideas on how to make it interesting, fun and to help you become as consistent as the professionals.



2 Balls

Chip 2 balls to a variety of holes.

The first chip should tell you everything you need to know about the chip shot. How will it land, roll and break? The game is to make sure your second ball finishes inside your first attempt. +1 point every time it does, -3 every time it doesnt. Try to finish on a positive score.

Focus Areas - Consistency, Visualisation and Execution under Pressure



Get In the Hole

Pick a 10 yard chip shot, the simpler the better and chip until you get 2 balls in the hole.

This will improve your consistency, and your confidence. Get used to seeing the ball go in the hole, and begin to expect it with ChippingPro.

Focus Areas - Consistency & Confidence



High or Low

With 2 balls, pick a chip shot. Hit 1 chip with a high floating trajectory, and 1 with a lower chip-and-run style. Repeat, and see which chip finishes closer more often.

This will help you have variety in your short game, and to enable you to play different shots when required. It will also help you visualise shots.

Focus Areas - Shot variety, Visualistion




Practice playing floated chips shots by picking 1 chip shot and repeating it.

Note where every chip shot lands, and try to get the next shot to land (and then finish) closer to the hole.

Focus Areas - Touch, Shot Variety



Mano e Mano

Practice with, or against, a friend. Make it worth something. This will help create tension and pressure, the emotions you will feel in a competitive situation on the course

Focus Areas - Execution under Pressure