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Why can't I chip?
Everyone is different, but there are a small number of common faults which ChippingPro solves. Check them out here
How does ChippingPro work?
ChippingPro forces the club on a optimal swing path. It is impossible to use your "normal" chipping action, so with a small amount of practice, you will develop muscle memory and a consistent chipping swing.
Will ChippingPro damage my club?
No. The base is made out of molded plastic, the same as tee pegs. This will not damage metal.
Also, the flap is position at an angle,  so any contact between the club and flap is a glancing blow with low level forces impacted on the ChippingPro and club.
If you use ChippingPro incorrectly, ie using the club as an axe, or hitting the bottom of the flap upwards, then you could damage the ChippingPro, but not your club.
Can I use ChippingPro on the course or in a practice chipping area?
Yes you can. The mat causes no damage to the grass it sits on, and will protect the grass as you arent practicing off it. As long as it's not a competition round, we recommend practicing on the course, it will easily fit in your golf bag pocket.
Can I use ChippingPro inside?
Yes, although if you are not confident use a practice ball or no ball. Make sure you have enough room to swing the club too.
Is ChippingPro suitable for golfers at all levels?
Yes, ChippingPro is used and is improving the chipping of golfers from Tour Pro's to Beginners and everyone in between.
Which Chipping Method do you suggest?
There are 2 Chipping Methods detailed on this site. Go to Chipping Methods to find out more

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Where is it Manufactured?

It is manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand, where the developer lives.
Is ChippingPro patented?
ChippingPro is patent pending worldwide
How big is ChippingPro?
ChippingPro is about the size of an A4 piece of paper.
The ball sits 15mm off the ground but that doesnt affect the chipping technique.
How long is the Astroturf?
The astroturf is a high quality, short thread turf designed to replicate the short grass around the green
I love ChippingPro! Can I send a Testimonial?
Of course you can. Send video, photo and a short story. We love to use them.
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